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HistoriaAccording to the Chilam Balam de Chumayel, the territory of the present Quintana Roo was the first establishment of the Itzáes that arrived from the south and founded on 435 year the population of Syancan Bakhalal. The seated Mayan populations in the today been of Quintana I nibble participated in the Confederation of Mayapán; the main chieftainships in the Yucatan Peninsula were: Ekab, Chanac Have, Tazes and Cupules in the north and center and Cochuah and Chetumal in the south. Two shipwrecks of Spanish expeditions: Gonzalo Guerrero and Jerónimo de Aguilar were the first Hispanics in making contact with enemy with the natives of the Eastern region of the Yucatan Peninsula, were to the service of the Mayan cacique of Chetumal, Nachancán, and made the first Hispanic-Mexican mestization there. Several Spanish expeditions failed in their attempt to populate the Mayan region with the east. In 1527 Francisco de Montejo it arrived at Cozumel and it tried to found populations, but also it had to retire before the hostility of the natives.

Later, Alonso Davila arrived at Tulum and Bakhalal and founded on Chetumal a population to which called Real Villa, but had to leave it due to the surprise attacks of the Mayans. For 1545 the Spaniards managed to overcome señorío of Bakhalal and founded Villa of Salamanca de Bacalar there, but up to 1639 the Mayans of Quintana I nibble had not been conquered, staying in constant rebellion, and falling back towards the interior of the forests; on its earth they founded the famous Chan Santa Cruz, capital of the Mayan town in fight, that never was conquered by the Spaniards.

HistoriaThe governments of Yucatan never obtained the complete control of the natives of the east of the peninsula, who fought by the restitution of their earth and to establish their own government. The 30 of July exploded in Tepich the rebellion of the Mayans, call War of Chaste, that would be to last more than 50 years, until 1901, and although controlled, the bottom problems that originated it would continue being reason for restlessness until 1937. In 1848 the Mayans devastated Bacalar. Venancio Fish, Pat Jacinth, Cecilio Chí, was some of the indigenous leaders. In 1901, the federal army managed to occupy Bacalar and Chan Santa Cruz, but the natives went into in the forest. White Othón P. was the one who, with a pacificadora work, managed to approach the Mayans and to make them recognize the government of the Republic. Due to the lack of control on the part of the government yucateco, the revolt of Mayan and the loss from the Mexican territory before Guatemala and Belize, arose the necessity to create the Federal Territory of Quintana Roo, that secreted of Yucatan was created by decree of the 16 of January of 1902, with 50.843 kilometers square of surface in the east of the Yucatan Peninsula .

Quintana Roo included/understood all the territory that had remained under Mayan control. In the Porfiriato it was in being able of several large estate owners who had enormous land extensions. To the triumph of Revolution, president Madero, dismissed to the porfiristas authorities in the territory and were released the political prisoners who in him existed. In 1913 the annexation of Quintana was decreed I nibble to Yucatan, which caused that in 1915 Abel rebelled itself Ortiz Argumedo, this fact added to the indigenous opposition, caused that in 1915 the territory of Quintana recovered I nibble Rescuing general Alvarado, military commandant of the peninsula went to Santa Cruz de Bravo, where the natives continued fighting the soldiers and demanded the retirement of troops and the restitution of their earth. General Alvarado restituted his earth to them but the Mayans distrusted destroyed the routes of communication with the rest of the peninsula.........

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