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History of ChetumalThe City of Chetumal is relatively young. It was founded recently more of a century before were wood houses English style by the British influence of Belize very different from the region. Later the commercial height comes from the city, because it was a free zone and sold imports to good price. Thanks to this wealth become the state seat of the government. Later they look for the way to give another character him, that not outside the already declining commercial one, and takes the place like entrance to the Mayan world. In local history the participation of men is registered who are great retailers who took part in many civil fights in defense of terruño. The whims of the nature, the distance and the incomunicación can be considered like stumbling blocks that make the development slow of Chetumal, but the will of their inhabitants who take root with deep affection doing his this terruño manages to be surpassing a city glimpsing a flattering future; the dedicated ones to the commerce have determined participation for the blunting of Chetumal; it did not animate them in the that one then ambition of wealth, if they were not inspired by forging a city with future to inherit it to it to his descendants.
History of Chetumal

In the municipality of Othón P. Blanco the first occupants of the region were the Mayans. One knows that Mayan the itzáes, which they penetrated to the peninsula when decaying the Mayan civilization Classic (320 to 987 d. C.), dominated Bacalar and Chetumal towards year 950. During that time the Confederation of Mayapán existed; after the fall of this one in 1194, period of Mayapán begins the call. The tribe of putunes dominated the region of Bacalar and Chetumal. At the time of the arrival of the Spanish conquerors to the present territory of Quintana Roo, this one was fragmented in chieftainships, Uaymil (whose more important point was Bakhalal) and Chactemal that extended from the present population of Bacalar to New River, in Belize, the caciques of Chactemal dominated to those of Uaymil. Francisco de Montejo entrusted to Alonso Dávila the conquest of Chactemal. Dávila began the company in 1531 but it was not successful, for 1544 fell Chactemal into the hands of Pacheco, who also was entrusted in 1543, by Montejo for such company.

In the colonial period, Bacalar was one of the most important populations of the peninsula. During century XVIII it was fortified to defend it of the privateers who dominated all the Eastern coast of Quintana Roo and it was possible to be defended of the dye wood cutters. In 1847 the War of Chaste exploded in the region, and in 1849 the yucatecos recover Bacalar, but in 1858 it returns to fall in hand of the Mayans. During the rebellion an important commerce of Mayan with Belize with the interchange of precious wood and the dye wood existed with arms, in addition that the distance of the Mexican authorities in this zone allowed to an influence every greater time of English with the risk of an invasion and the loss of national territory. In January of 1898 admiral Othón P. Blanco arrived at the present Bay of Chetumal, commissioner by the Government of Mexico to assure the border. With such aim, he founds on that same year, a city to which gives the name of Payo Bishop, in honor of Fray Payo Enríquez, bishop of Guatemala that outside later virrey of the New Spain, that at the Colonial time had made a visit by this region. 1915, Payo Bishop, became the capital of the territory. Between 1931 and 1935, the city decayed as a result of the division of the territory with the neighboring organizations, decreed by the federal Government; but when being reconstituted this one, the locality resumes its growth there, settling the powers of the government. In 1936 the name of Payo Bishop is replaced by the one of Chetumal. As of 1947 the Delegation of Payo Bishop, happens to be Othón P. Blanco.

Shield of the State

It is a modern shield, with highest rising sun figure with eight gold ray beams that symbolize the municipalities of the State. In the fourth superior matador, the streamlined gold snail and stars of five ends in silver (white). In the inferior part, end three stable triangles on glifo Mayan of the emerald wind green. The emblem, quarters and corners in strips border saber (black). The present shield was approved by the Local Congress 1º of January of 1994.

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